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july 14 to 16 2023


sustainability actions

The organizers of the Festival des bière de Laval are concerned about the impact of the event on the environment. We have put in place several initiatives to contribute to a better environmental footprint. Thank you for joining the movement!

  • Complete disposal of single-use water bottles and plastic glasses;
  • On-site drinking water stations;
  • Responsible management of waste and recyclable materials;
  • 3-way collection system (final waste, recycling, compostable materials);
  • Green Squad to raise awareness and help with waste sorting;
  • Food sold in recyclable containers;
  • Use of recycled materials in the making of our decorations;
  • Reuse of previous signs and displays;
  • Prioritization of technicians and contractors from the area when hiring resources;
  • Prioritization of local suppliers;
  • Free shuttle service offered in collaboration with the STL
  • Designated driver service provided in collaboration with Point Zéro 8;
  • Implementation of a local purchasing policy;
  • Electric carts at the event site;
  • Several associations with organizations in the region;