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july 14 to 16 2023


sustainability actions

Thank you for taking part in the movement, and thanks to our partner RECYC-QUÉBEC for the sustainability actions initiatives.

  • Complete disposal of single-use water bottles and plastic glasses;
  • On-site drinking water stations;
  • Responsible management of waste and recyclable materials;
  • 3-way collection system (final waste, recycling, compostable materials);
  • Green Squad to raise awareness and help with waste sorting;
  • Food sold in recyclable containers;
  • Use of recycled materials in the making of our decorations;
  • Reuse of previous signs and displays;
  • Prioritization of technicians and contractors from the area when hiring resources;
  • Prioritization of local suppliers;
  • Free shuttle service offered in collaboration with the STL
  • Designated driver service provided in collaboration with Point Zéro 8;
  • Implementation of a local purchasing policy;
  • Electric carts at the event site;
  • Several associations with organizations in the region;